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Chemotherapy Advice and Protocol by Experts in the field in India and Abroad

Cancer chemotherapy is rapidly changing and fast updating science. At GETWEL the policy is to get tied up with the specialist in respective fields across India and Abroad. This is an era of communication and virtual tours. We give all the details of the patients to the experts across the globe and take their protocols in writing .The same treatment protocols are implemented at our center, thus assuring the best treatment without actually moving out from their place.

Radiation Treatment Planning

Radiation therapy is changed from the era of Cobalt therapy to the High voltage X rays (Linear accelerators) to proton beam therapy. If the patient is affording the best treatment it is their moral right to get the best available.

The breasts also contain lymph vessels. These vessels are connected to small, round masses of tissue called lymph nodes. Groups of lymph nodes are near the breast in the underarm (axilla), above the collarbone, and in the chest behind the breastbone.

Minimally Invasive Cancer Surgeryi Advice

Previously cancer treatment was meant by surgery, even in inoperable cases it used to be open and close issue most of the times to label it as inoperable cancer. Now with the advent of better modalities of investigations, now it is easy to judge whether the case is going to be operable or inoperable .The surgeries have become more precise and minimally invasive.

At GETWEL we respect organs and so organ preservation is our moto. Whenever possible one should try and preserve organs with the help of advancements in the fields of medical oncology and the radiation oncology.

Palliative Care Advice

Cancer treatment is not complete without the palliative care wing. We are tied up with some hospices, who are pioneers in the field of cancer palliative care.

GETWEL CLINIC proudly announces its association with the RENUKA MEDICAL FOUNDATION,

An organization who has a background of more than 8 years to work for the welfare of cancer patients. This organization helps patients to build their confidence, complete treatment and resume to their wages. The major issues like cost of treatment and daily living during treatment are addressed very effectively.

Protocol for Leukaemia and Lymphoma byi Haematooncologist

Childhood leukemia remains the most common childhood hematologic malignancy. The cure rate is directly proportional to the correct diagnosis and implementation of the treatment protocol.

We have tied up with the experts in the field of haemato oncology in India and abroad.

Day Care Cancer Chemotherapy Center

Cancer treatment is a costly affair. We art GETWEL CANCER CLINIC are committed to provide each of our patient a cost effective and standard chemotherapy.

Our policy is to pass on benefits of chemotherapy drugs to the patients. The drugs which the patients get are about 25 – 30 % cheaper than the current market rates. This is possible with the help of direct purchase of the medicines from the company and the NGO (Renuka Medical foundation).If the patient is not affording the NGO is running a drug bank , through which it may circulate the unused drugs to the needy patients.

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